Our Story....

Martha and Lilly is the fruit of a friendship nurtured over time in a Fremantle environment. Created by two friends who love working together to create gardens, children, homes, food and clothes.

On a trip to Sydney they stumbled across an exhibition at the Queen Victoria Building called "Handbags Through the Ages". Inspired, they decided to have fun creating their own bags which reflected their excitement and delight
.... and so emerged Martha and Lilly.

The fun started with the quest for fabrics, threads, buttons, ribbons, trims and intriguing nicknacks which could be used to great effect. New and vintage, quirky and pedestrian, unusual and classic, rich and funky, smooth and textured fabrics were sought from as far abroad as the Shetland Isles and as distant as Grandma's darkest cupboards. Hidden treasures rescued from friends' and family wardrobes have been recycled and no closet has been left unopened in the hunt for materials that might inspire!

Their unique and creative designs are complemented by exciting combinations of fabrics and delightful notions of design fancy. Using luscious fabrics in deliciously handmade detail with vintage buttons and all sorts of other little design surprises. Each bag is individually hand cut and meticulously sewn.

Martha and Lilly create bags of rare quality and detailed flare.

Every bag has a story.......come and explore